Areas of Practice

Ms. Schuett’s first love is land use and all that it entails. She will work a development project from start to finish or step in along the way to fix issues that arise. If local law fails to accommodate a particular project, she drafts legislation and lobbies members of the County Council to get the legislation passed.


Ms. Schuett’s second love is appellate practice. She loves to draft briefs and generally loves to write. She is the co-author of a widely respected treatise.


These are the primary areas of practice but there are others. She serves as an expert witness. She helps clients obtain tax credits for commercial revitalization properties and brownfield sites. She has represented clients involved in the Anne Arundel County purchasing process and towers licensed under Anne Arundel County law. If Anne Arundel County law is involved, Ms. Schuett is your “go-to” lawyer.

Land Use; Lobbying and Governmental Relations

Ms. Schuett’s primary area of practice is land use. Ms. Schuett served as the County Attorney for Anne Arundel County from 1999 to 2006. In that capacity, she represented the County Executive, the County Council, and all branches of County government. She was the author of a comprehensive revision of the County’s laws relating to zoning, subdivision, and development. She authored or supervised comprehensive revisions of the code provisions relating to the Chesapeake Bay critical area; floodplain, grading, and storm water management; impact fees; permits for the use of County-owned rights-of-way; and solid waste facilities. She also authored a comprehensive revision of the Anne Arundel County Code as a whole.

Ms. Schuett handles zoning, subdivision, development, permitting, and critical area issues before such County agencies as the Office of Planning and Zoning, the Department of Inspections and Permits, and the Department of Public Works. She has handled many variance, special exception, and re-zoning cases before the Administrative Hearing Officer and the Board of Appeals.

Ms. Schuett also serves as a lobbyist.  She regularly drafts legislation and appears before the County Council to assist clients in changing the law when necessary.

Appellate Practice

Ms. Schuett’s secondary area of practice is appellate practice in the Court of Appeals and the Court of Special Appeals in all areas of the law, including complex commercial, property, land use, and civil procedure.  She has litigated a wide range of cases, including cases relating to the Anne Arundel County Charter; land use and property issues; construction disputes; contract disputes; and receiverships.

Ms. Schuett is the co-author of Maryland Rules Commentary, Paul V. Niemeyer and Linda M. Schuett, The Michie Company, 1984; Second Edition, 1992; Third Edition, 2003; Fourth Edition, 2014; a widely recognized treatise on the rules of civil procedure and trial practice. She is also the author of Advance Court Rules Service for Maryland.

Ms. Schuett was a member of the Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure of the Court of Appeals for 30 years. She served as the Vice-Chair of the Committee for 15 years. She drafted the rules governing discovery, trials, and judgments in the 1984 comprehensive revision of the Maryland Rules. She participated in all rule changes after that time, including rule changes governing civil proceedings in the circuit courts and the District Court and rule changes relating to evidence, appeals, property actions, receivers and assignees, foreclosure sales, judicial sales, tax sales, arbitration, contempt, injunctions, mandamus, attorney discipline, and alternative dispute resolution. She chaired or was a member of the following subcommittees: Discovery, Receivers and Assignees, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Appellate Rules, Visual and Electronic Evidence, Trial Rules, Management of Litigation, General Provisions, Specific Remedies, Probate and Fiduciaries, Professionalism, Form Interrogatories, and Style.

Expert Witness Services

Ms. Schuett serves as an expert witness on issues relating to trial practice, civil procedure, and ethics. Specifically, she has served as an expert witness on the standard of care with respect to foreclosure and collection of judgment issues, civil procedure issues, discovery matters, receivership issues, and withdrawing from representation of a client. She has testified on the reasonableness of attorney’s fees in a bankruptcy proceeding, on the provisions of Rule 2-652 (enforcement of attorney’s liens), and on the circumstances under which the statute of limitations is tolled in Maryland after a case has been dismissed in another state.